Encryption technologies: how to balance between privacy and security

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The wide application of encryption technologies creates immense challenges to law enforcements’ effort to fight crimes and protect national security. Terrorists and criminals are using end-to-end encrypted communication tools to avoid investigations and charges; the inaccessibility of evidence also ties the hands of law enforcement when it comes to taking action against serious crimes.

EncroChat, an encrypted communications system used by criminals to trade drugs and guns, was dismantled this July. The result was over 800 Europe-wide arrests and seizure of more than two tonnes of drugs, several dozen guns and £54m in suspect cash. French and Dutch police were the main force of this successful investigation, while UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) and Europol, the EU agency for law enforcement cooperation, were also involved. The event inevitably reinforces the idea that the abuse of encryption technologies is one of the primary causes of criminal activities.

Governments want ‘reasonable and flexible’ technical solutions to assist law enforcement in accessing encrypted data timely to protect society from crimes, terror attacks, and other harms. The authorization of accessing data should comply with the principle of necessity and proportionality, and the whole process should be under strict supervision. Human rights advocates believe such ‘special keys’ to access private communications will compromise digital security and endanger citizens’ privacy. For technical companies, the government’s wish for special keys presents the biggest threat to encryption technologies. The end-to-end technology is only truly protecting user privacy when even technical companies themselves, who provide the communication systems, cannot access user’s private messages.

In this session, panelists from different stakeholder groups will discuss the balance between encryption, security, and privacy.


  • October 27 (Wed.) 2021, 14:00-16:00(on live)
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日期:2021年10月27日(三) 14:00-16:00



14:00–14:05 開場:梁理旋 主持人(台灣網路講堂)
14:05–15:40 焦點座談
主持人:李榮耕教授(國立臺北大學 法律學系)

  • 李相臣  處長(永豐金融控股股份有限公司 資訊安全處)
  • 林俊宏  常務董事(民間司法改革基金會)
  • 楊千旻  法務協理(台灣微軟股份有限公司 公共暨法律事務部)

15:40–16:00 線上Q&A