Building Diverse and Heterogeneous Digital Resilience


Two Taiwan-Matsu undersea cables were accidentally cut by ships in early February of this year. The incidents were suspected to be a deliberate act by Chinese ships due to the unprecedented situation of two cables being cut in a short period of time. In the past five years, the Matsu undersea cables have encountered 27 breaks.

While undersea cable systems frequently experience interruptions, other Internet connection solutions, such as deploying more undersea cables, are proposed. In Practice, Vietnam government has set a goal to build three of its own undersea cables by 2025 after facing multiple interruptions, bringing the total number of cables available to ten.  Low-orbit satellite seem a reliable alternative, as it performed profoundly well in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

In the scenario when not only undersea cables were cut, but also the cable landing stations, satellite ground stations, major communication towers were destroyed, what will be Taiwan’s possible digital resilience response mechanisms? This panel invited experts in the fields to share their views.

Time & Venue

Time: 2023/05/10   02:00-04:00PM

Venue: IEAT International Conference Center Meeting 8F Room 2 (No. 350, Songjiang Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City)


14:00-14:05  Introduce
14:05-15:45  Panel Discussion

  • Moderator:
    Chan, Nicole T. I. ─Vice Chair, Digital Transformation Association
  • Penelists:
    • Lin, Max─ Government & Public Services Leader, Health Care Sector Leader Risk Advisory Managing Partner, Deloitte
    • Zheng, Ming-Zong ─Director, Department of Communications and Cyber Resilience, Ministry of Digital Affairs
    • Chien, Lien-Kwei ─Professor, Department of Harbor and River Engineering, National Taiwan Ocean University
    • Su, Tzu-Yun ─Research Fellow and Director, Division of Defense Strategy and Resources, Institute for National Defense and Security Research
15:45-16:00  Q&A



今(2023)年 2 月初,2 條台馬海纜分別遭船隻勾斷,被質疑是中國船隻的蓄意行為,因為在短時間內2條海纜全斷的情況前所未見。過去 5 年間,馬祖海纜已遭遇 27 次的斷線。

海纜系統受頻繁中斷時的其他連網方案諸如,佈建更多的海纜,例如越南政府在面對多次海纜中斷事件後,就便訂下目標,要在2025年達到建設自己的3條網路海纜目標,使國家可運用的海纜總數達到 10 條。另外,低軌衛星的連網服務在俄烏戰爭的實際表現,似乎也成為可靠的替代方案。



時間:2023年05月10日(三) , 14:00-16:00



14:00-14:05  活動介紹
14:05-15:45  焦點座談

  • 主持人-詹婷怡 副理事長(數位經濟暨產業發展協會)
  • 與談人-
    • 林彥良 資深執行副總 (勤業眾信 風險諮詢部門/醫療照護產業暨政府與公共事務負責人)
    • 鄭明宗 司長(數位發展部 韌性建設司)
    • 簡連貴 教授(國立臺灣海洋大學河海工程學系 )
    • 蘇紫雲 所長(國防安全研究院國防戰略與資源研究所

15:45-16:00  現場問答