AI 醫療與個資隱私是兩難課題?


運用 AI、雲端技術、大數據、機器學習、高效能運算、物聯網(IoT)等技術,已對醫療保健與健康照護領域造成變革,也成為當今醫療數位轉型與科技化的發展方向。這些技術被運用在改善臨床診斷的效率與精確度、協助臨床照護、解決醫護人員短缺問題、支援醫療保險之研究、新藥開發,或延伸至更廣的公衛領域,包括疫情期間的調控與反應等。

國內媒體報導相關發展時多關注新興科技下智慧醫療的不同應用模式與產業發展,較少關注如醫療物聯網設備和服務的資料隱私、網路風險等課題。特別是 AIoT 與醫療保健領域的結合雖有無限可能,目前仍有法規尚未完善等治理面課題,例如臨床資料在產品開發階段應滿足哪些去識別化條件;世界衛生組織 WHO 早在2021年就對發展智慧醫療提出六大原則,包括保護人民自主權、確保資訊透明、建立問責制度、確保包容性與公平等的相關課題,都值得多方利害關係人進一步討論應如何兼顧產業創新發展下又能滿足這些原則。

本場次特別邀請國內在醫療保健與智慧科技領域專家,透過演講,帶領大家了解AIoT醫療保健發展之整體趨勢,及其面對的優勢與挑戰;再進一步理解醫療保健 AI 應用涉及的法規協調課題,以及如何透過技術來達到醫療資料的安全與隱私保護。


時間:2023年07月31日(一) , 14:00-16:00



14:00-14:05  活動介紹

14:05-15:00   專題演講一「智慧醫療 AI 應用之法規課題」:何之行 副研究員(中央研究院歐美研究所)

15:00-16:00   專題演講二「如何利用技術工具兼顧智慧醫療數據的資安與隱私」:范俊逸 特聘教授(國立中山大學資訊工程學系)-線上

The Privacy Challenges of AI in Healthcare


Technologies such as AI, cloud technology, big data, machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT), are the driving forces behind the current digital transformation and technological advancement in healthcare sector.  These technologies are being used to improve the efficiency and accuracy of clinical diagnoses, assist in patient care, address healthcare personnel shortages, support medical research and drug development, and extend into broader public health areas, including regulatory measures and responses during pandemics.

While local media usually cover issues such as deployment models, business opportunities of these emerging technologies, less attention was paid to the possible data privacy and cybersecurity risks. In particular, the integration of AIoT and healthcare holds infinite possibilities, but there are still governance issues that need to be addressed, such as the requirements for de-identification of clinical data during product development. The World Health Organization (WHO) has already put forward six principles for the development of smart healthcare as early as 2021, including protecting people’s autonomy, ensuring information transparency, establishing accountability mechanisms, and ensuring inclusiveness and fairness. These related issues deserve further discussion among multiple stakeholders on how to balance industrial innovation with meeting these principles.

This lecture invites experts in healthcare and smart technology to give an overview of the AIoT development in healthcare, and the advantages and challenges it faces. Furthermore, it aims to enhance understanding of the regulatory coordination issues involved in the application of healthcare AI and how technology can be used to achieve the security and privacy protection of medical data.

Time & Venue

Time: 2023/07/31   02:00-04:00PM

Venue: IEAT International Conference Center Meeting 8F Room 2

(No. 350, Songjiang Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City)

14:00-14:05   Introduce
14:05–15:00  Keynote #1–Regulatory Issues in Healthcare AI by Ho, Chih-Hsing , Associate Research Fellow, Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica
15:00–16:00  Keynote #2–Balancing Data Security and Privacy in Smart Healthcare through Technological Tools by Fan, Chun-I , Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, National Sun Yat-sen University (Online)